dal 23 al 27 settembre 2014

Monaco Yacht Project 12 Port Hercules

Each sky is a unique sky
No two skies are the same.
Some are azure, extremely azure. They are crossed by clouds depicting organic textures and shapes full of life.
Others are captured at twilight; they are calm and reassuring
They are lit with an intimate light that fills them with warmth and colour.
Orange ones are explosive, unnatural, powerful; frighteningly fascinating.
Then, some skies are nothing but clouds: mysterious, impenetrable. You can get lost in them while looking for what remains of the essence, of the sun.
Each sky is a unique sky.
Each feeling is a unique feeling.
Lives, correspondences, moods.
Riccardo Ruberti perceives all of them and like an experienced narrator he gives them back to his readers using colour in place of words.
Protagonist and spectator, the sky becomes the silent stage where innumerable characters play their roles. The figures, which are always placed at the bottom of the composition, appear as an interesting foot note in the representation space. They are dominated by never ending blue skies mirroring life on earth.
Shapely and shapeless, ethereal and heavy
Near and far, reality and imagination.
Past, present, future.
Everything converges into one painting. A physical and psychological journey is put on stage through punctual, meditated brush strokes and an elegant technical experimentation in the representation of skies and oceans.
It is an adventurous and dreamlike journey which might be impossible to take. Likewise, the peculiar flying machines, which inhabit Ruberti’s sidereal space, might be impossible to build in the real world. Nevertheless, we would all love to start a journey on one of those machines.
Destination unknown.
The Essential thing is to Leave.